Insurance Broker & Private Equity


Insurance Broker

IFI Consult is a dynamic and innovative insurance
broker working closely with clients and insures to achieve the
objectives and buying criteria for both parties, this ensures that
IFI Consult delivers what you need the first time
around. Based on our professional knowledge and experience, we
will help you properly assess your insurance needs, shop for the
best value in insurance coverage and help you in the event of a

Private Equity

Private equity is one of the most challenging financial industry.
IFI Consult will design and prepare to your needs.
Deep industry experience as investors and advisors allows us to
find and grow great ideas and companies by understanding sector
fundamentals and identifying emerging trends.

We can assist companies with the heavy lifting and project
management, allowing management teams to focus on the key
IPO actions whilst to run the business so that the company comes
to market in best shape.


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