Economic crisis recovery perceptions low: TRA

Economic crisis recovery perceptions low: TRA

New Delhi: India’s crisis recovery perceptions are positive on the health front but lagging in terms of economic recovery, a white-paper by consumer insights and brand analytics company TRA Research said.

There is a significant gap between the ongoing national lockdown in terms of decision making and implementation, and fears of long-term financial and economic impact are prominent among citizens, the white-paper said.

TRA Research chief executive N. Chandramouli said: “There are also big gaps in information and knowledge about the coronavirus transmission. The misinformation is impacting attitudes and actions of citizens.”

While consumer trust about India’s ability to combat the health crisis is considerably high, the belief that India will be able to combat the economic crisis is significantly lower, he said.

The white-paper said within the Family Worry Index, the highest concern across cities was that the family may contract the disease, while job/business loss was the second biggest concern, followed by delays in salaries.

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