China Mobile and Huawei jointly deploy 5G to the top of the world

China Mobile and Huawei jointly deploy 5G to the top of the world

The new 5G site on the altitude of 6,500 meters shows capability to deliver the network to the peak of Everest

China Mobile and Huawei have jointly taken 5G connectivity to a new height by bringing a dual Gigabit network to the summit of Mount Everest upon the completion of the world’s highest 5G base station at the altitude of 6,500 meters.

Huawei’s 5G technologies are applied at three base stations, between the altitudes of 5,300 meters to 6,500 meters. Network maintenance and optimization are executed by a dozen network specialists who are stationed 24/7 in these camps to ensure smooth network operations.

Huawei’s 5G Active Antenna Unit (AAU) is highly integrated in a compact size, making it easy for deployment and installation in extreme environments such as Mount Everest. The network is further supported by Huawei’s Massive MIMO technology, providing large bandwidth at blazing speeds.

Huawei’s Massive MIMO is highly reliable with excellent coverage. With its highly flexible three-dimensional narrow beams, the technology works particularly well vertically in Mount Everest. At the altitude of 5,300 meters, the Everest base camp is fully covered by the network with 5G download speed exceeding 1.66 Gbps, while the upload speed tops 215 Mbps.

Meanwhile, high-quality and consistent networks are guaranteed by Huawei’s Intelligent Network solutions, supported by enterprise gateways that allow 1Gbps upstream/downstream connections. This means the network supports transmission of high-res videos, VR live broadcast and the likes with ease. Huawei’s ultra-high-speed transmission platform intelligently manages data throughput, making it possible for families and businesses to enjoy super-fast internet access at such high altitudes.

With its HoloSens intelligent video surveillance system, Huawei ensures streaming quality with the capabilities of optimization and fault location with just one click. Keeping the networks always on even at the altitude of 6,500 meters.

Huawei strongly believes that technology means to make the world better. The beauty of Mount Everest can be displayed via 5G high-definition video and VR experience, which also provides further insights for mountaineers, scientists and other nature specialists. The ground-breaking establishment on Mount Everest once again proves that 5G technology can connect people and planet harmoniously.

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