Author: William Baldwin

Wall Street’s top analysts are recommending stocks like Uber and Lovesac amid market volatility

How can you pinpoint compelling investing opportunities in the current environment? Stocks tumbled for the week in a tech-led selloff after reaching record highs. However, even after the pullback, the S&P 500 has still surged almost 15% on a one-year basis. That means there’s still room to fall. Indeed as IHT Wealth Management’s Yussef Gheriani…
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How is coronavirus impacting the financial sector

The effects of the ongoing coronavirus crisis are being felt in almost every sector. From retail and consumer packaged goods to entertainment, sports, and of course travel and leisure, every sector is being impacted in a different way and is facing down its own unique challenges. The financial services sector is currently facing challenges on…
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How To Find Bargains In Closed-End Funds

Some of the 482 funds in the Forbes Closed-End Fund Ratings are great buys. Most are dreadful places to put money. This article explains how to distinguish the good from the bad. We scored closed-end funds on two metrics: past performance and cost. The performance grade is based on a simple comparison of ten-year results (for the…
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