Author: Eduardo Porter

Thousands of UK political ads went missing from Facebook archive searches

Thousands of UK political ads went missing from Facebook Inc’s searchable advertising database on Tuesday, hampering researchers’ ability to track ads two days before Britain’s general election. Facebook’s ad library, which it launched in the UK in 2018, is a public tool for users to view political advertising on the platform. The problem, first reported…
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Peloton loses $1.5bn in value over ‘dystopian, sexist’ exercise bike ad

Almost $1.5bn (£1.1bn) has been wiped off the value of the exercise bike firm Peloton after a backlash against a Christmas advert widely derided as “sexist and dystopian”. The advert, which has been viewed almost 2m times on YouTube, shows a woman receiving an exercise bike from her partner on Christmas morning. The gift inspires…
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Where the Good Jobs Are

You dropped out of college, or decided straight out of high school that college was not your thing. Here’s some advice if you are looking for a job: Stay out of Washington. Don’t go to New York. Forget about San Francisco. If you want to make anything near a decent wage, head for Toledo, Des…
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