Month: May 2019

8 Important Facts About Investing That People Often Forget

These days, learning about personal finance and investment is as easy as searching online. However, this is a double-edged sword because while information has become more accessible, not everything you’ll read on the Internet will be true or helpful. I’ve seen websites with misleading data, people telling false stories, and the worst of them all…
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An attendee at a job fair in Miami last month. An improving labor market has lifted wages and left more Americans with jobs, but many remain on the edge financially.

Many Adults Would Struggle to Find $400, the Fed Finds

Four in 10 American adults wouldn’t be able to cover an unexpected $400 expense with cash, savings or a credit-card charge that could be quickly paid off, a new Federal Reserve survey finds. About 27 percent of people surveyed would need to borrow or sell something to pay for such a bill, and 12 percent…
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Buffett knocks Elon Musk’s plan for Tesla to sell insurance: ‘It’s not an easy business’

OMAHA, Neb. — Warren Buffett said Elon Musk’s Tesla will probably struggle as it ventures into the insurance business, a field in which Berkshire Hathaway thrives in. “It’s not an easy business,” Buffett told shareholders at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. “The success of the auto companies getting into the insurance business is probably as…
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Where the Good Jobs Are

You dropped out of college, or decided straight out of high school that college was not your thing. Here’s some advice if you are looking for a job: Stay out of Washington. Don’t go to New York. Forget about San Francisco. If you want to make anything near a decent wage, head for Toledo, Des…
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Stocks making the biggest moves midday: Apple, CVS Health, Clorox & more

These are companies making headlines midday Wednesday, May 1st 2019: Apple — Apple gained 4.9% after the release of its fiscal second-quarter results. Apple reported earnings of per share of $2.46, 10 cents above a Refinitiv estimate. Revenue also topped expectations. Apple raised its revenue guidance for the next quarter to between $52.5 and $54.5…
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